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How to Renew PRC License ID? Step by Step Online Renewal

PRC has now utilized the LERIS V2 or the Licensure Examination and Registration Information System for its basic professional services from examination application, initial registration, renewal of PRC ID, among others. Below is the online step-by-step procedure on how to renew PRC license ID courtesy of the Professional Regulation Commission.

Online Application for Board Examination: How to Apply?
Online Initial Registration for Board Passers: How to Register?

Step by Step Procedures: Online Renewal of License

1. Before starting registration, prepare the following important information:

  • Email address with password (e.g., Email Address:; Password: PRC123)
  • Mobile number (e.g., 09171234567)
  • Personal Information including the date of college graduation
  • ID picture in a .jpg format save in the computer, mobile or tablet. Registrant can also request for an e-file should the photo be taken in a photo studio.
2. Go to LERIS V2 website  and follow the succeeding instruction

If the registrant is first timer, hit the ‘Register’ tab and start filling out the form. Registrant must use his/her own email account and is only allowed to use one valid email account per registrant.
SIGN UP: Complete the following details (First Name, Suffix, Middle Name, Last Name, Gender, Civil Status, Birthdate, Email Address, Password and the Confirmation of Password). Do not forget to check the 'I accept the Terms of Service' checkbox, and then press the 'Sign up Now' button.
Registrants must read the Terms of Service and click ‘Agree’ if the registrant wants to continue.
ACCOUNT VERIFICATION: The registrant will receive a verification email from PRC, and must be verified by the registrant before proceeding. In doing so, open the email and locate the verification mail from PRC online services, then click the 'Activate Account' button.
SIGN IN: If the user/registrant has already registered before, refer to the ‘Sign-In’ tab. Enter the email address and password and press the 'Sign-in' button.
PROFILE: Upon successful verification via email and signing-in successfully, registrant can now complete the 'Profile' page. Make sure that the information provided is accurate. In input forms where 'Search' button appears, don't type any text. Just select what is provided in the dropdown list.
After filling out the form, check the checkbox 'Check if this is for renewal.

Review it again then click the 'Save Information' button.
One final verification message for 'First Name, Middle Name and Last Name' will appear once the 'Save Information' button is clicked. Make sure all details are correct since the registrant is not allowed to edit these information anymore after clicking 'Yes' button.
UPLOAD PHOTO: Click the upload photo icon and upload the picture stored in the registrant's device. Please make sure to follow the photo requirements.
Dos: The photo must be 2 x 2 in size in plain white background, must be no more than six months before uploading and the registrant must wear decent attire with collar

Don'ts: The photo will not be processed if it does not resemble the registrant, if the registrant wears eyeglasses, background of the photo is not plain white, ears are covered and the photo has shadows.
After reading the rules in uploading photo, the registrant must click 'Okay' button. The uploading page will appear next. Upload the photo using the computer or phone directory.
After successful upload, click on the 'Renewal' button, choose 'Examination'. Select the profession and enter the PRC License Number. then click the 'Proceed' button. 

Select the PRC Office in the dropdown list where the registrant wants to process the application. Choose the appointment date (only in yellow colored) and select the Preferred Payment option below. The payment costs 500 pesos (Php 450 for PRC and 50 for Service Fee)
PAYMENT OPTIONS available are Over the Counter in Banks, Online Banking, Mobile Payment and Bayad Center
Bank Over the Counter Payment. If the registrant chooses this option, he/she will be asked about the preferred bank(s) for payment (e.g. Banco de Oro, BPI). Click the 'Select' button. A confirmation message will appear with a Reference Number. Copy the reference number. Click on the link for detailed payment instruction.
Online Banking Payment. If the registrant chooses this option, he/she will be asked about the preferred bank for payment (e.g., Banco de Oro Internet Banking, BPI Expressonline, Chinabank Online, etc.). Click the 'Select' button. A confirmation message will appear with a Reference Number. Copy the reference number. Click on the link for detailed payment instruction.
Mobile Payment (via GCash): If the registrant chooses this option, he/she will be asked about his/her GCash account by entering the mobile number. (e.g., 09171234567), then click the 'Pay' button. A confirmation message will appear with a Reference Number. Copy the Reference Number. Click on the link for detailed payment instruction.
Bayad Center/ Non Bank Over the Counter: If the registrant chooses this option, the confirmation will appear immediately. Copy the Reference Number. Click on the link for detailed payment instruction.
PAY FEES: After clicking the 'View and Save the Instruction Online', this page will appear. This itemized the step by step procedures on how to pay the fees.
STATUS VERIFICATION: After the payment, the registrant can verify the status of application payment by clicking on 'Existing Transaction' tab. In this page, the registrant can print the 'Claim Stub'. The 'Close' button is below to exit the display.

LOG-OUT: To exit, click on the name at the upper right corner and click the 'Logout' button. PRC reminds registrants to always logout their account to avoid unauthorized access which may lead to identity theft and other malicious actions.
Finished Registration: The registrant can proceed on the appointment date. Don't forget to bring the claim stub.


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  1. HEllo PRC,

    Is this service only limited to PRC Central Office? I tried to renew my license online but upon choosing the preferred PRC Regional Office, only PRC Central Office is in the list. I will be renewing my license in Davao City po.

  2. AnonymousJune 16, 2016

    I have not received a verification email after making an account. I can't seem to proceed with my renewal transaction. Please help. Thank you

    1. This is a very late reply and maybe you have had your id renewed. HAHA. But for the sake of other reading this post, you can directly sign-in. :)

    2. ako din po i didnt receive email verification po. :(
      laging request denied naman pag nag aatempt ako mag select ng transaction

    3. Ako rin. How long should I wait for the email verification?

  3. What if I forgot to print my claim stub and I already forgot my PRC account, can I just download the stub since it's downloadable and just fill it up myself? Tnk you

  4. After the successful registration and having the claim stub? Does it mean you are scheduled in claiming your i.d or just an appointment to prc and still needs to process at the prc?
    Thank you.

  5. I'm just concern about the units/ hours of seminars needed for the renewal of PRC card, effective june 2017 according to the news it's one of the requirements needed. but what if the applicant is working abroad? is that applicable also for OFWs?? my card will expire June, 2018..

  6. I got my renewal access denied by the system. Any workaround for this problem? Thanks.

    1. I had the same problem. Did you get through it?Any tips?

  7. In the implementation of the CPD law, can PRC order the APO to conduct provincial seminars/trainings for a professional to earn CPD units/ As a senior citizen and a professional at that, it is so hard for me to travel long distance and also of my health problem.

  8. Where to download the claim stub?

  9. AnonymousMay 10, 2017

    what if I was not able to pay the bill on bank,,can i still proceed with my renewal on the spot at the central office?

  10. AnonymousMay 30, 2017

    Tried renewing online and had a representative claim from a branch. Then mentioned instill need to submit an id? But i already uploaded on online plus he/she mentioned that since there id printer is not working i need to give it another week for my represenntative to claim it.

    Why would he/she even say incan pick it up next week if they still need an id pic? Does that mean my representative will just be going there just to submit an id pic i already uploaded minths ago?

    This is friustrating

  11. AnonymousMay 30, 2017

    Im overseas so i need to have a representative to get my renewed id.
    But upon going to the branch they said we have to wait for another week to get it as the id printer is not working. However the peraon also told my representative that shell be needing an id pic from me but inalready have one uploaded on my prc account online.

    What does this mean? That my friend will go back next week just to submit annid pic that i already have?

  12. I can't enter the specific date of appointment for the renewal of my cousin's PRC license. I wanted to set the date of appointment to July 3, 2017, Monday but I can't. What am I supposed to do? thanks for answering.

  13. hi po.. gaano po katagal bago ma-verify na paid ka na sa status?bayad na po kasi ako thru bayad center kaso pending pa din po.

  14. hello , inq lang po kung pwede mag renew this coming nov kahit ang expiry ng license ay sa aug 2018 pa. thank you po