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LIST OF PASSERS: 2016 Philippine Bar Exam Results

MANILA, Philippines (Update as of April 26, 2017) – The 'November 2016 Philippine Bar Exam results' together with the list of passers, top ten (10) lawyers and related announcements will be available at this website soon as the Supreme Court of the Philippines (SC) officially released the results few months after the last day of examination. As announced, a total of six thousand eight hundred thirty one (6, 831) examinees tried to hurdle the Bar examinations for the year 2016. Three thousand three hundred seventeen (3,317) are new candidates and three thousand five hundred fourteen (3,514) are re-takers.


Roll of Successful Examinees in the Bar Exams 2016
Held on NOVEMBER 6, 13, 20 & 27, 2016
Released on 2017
Seq. No. Name
[Official results will be published soon as SC issued the list...] The 2016 Bar Exams are administered by the Supreme Court (SC) headed by the 2016 Bar Chairman, Presbitero J. Velasco Jr., Associate Justice and Office of the Bar Confidant headed by Deputy Clerk and Bar Confidant Atty. Ma. Cristina B. Layusa on November 6, 13, 20, and 27, 2016 at University of Santo Tomas (UST).

As per SC, the bar exams are given in the course of one month, spread over four (4) Sundays and are the only professional licensure examinations which require the examinees to answer open-ended questions in long hand.

"These questions, formulated by the bar examiners for each subject and selected personally by the bar committee Chair on the day of each examination, are formulated to test analytical ability, facility in expression in terms of written argument, comprehension of basic principles of law, and grasp of jurisprudence."

"Due to the scope and difficulty, the bar examinations are regarded as the most prestigious professional licensure exam in the country. Bar exam is the only licensure examination not administered by the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC)."

The 2016 Bar Examinations are the 115th professional licensure exams held by the Supreme Court of the Philippines.


Bar exams are held once a year under the supervision of the Supreme Court of the Philippines. SC also designates the incumbent Justice to chair a committee of eight (8) examiners for each subject. The Bar Exams covered the following topics: Political Law and Public International Law; Labor and Social Legislation; Civil Law; Taxation; Mercantile Law; Criminal Law; Remedial Law; and Legal and Judicial Ethics.

For 2016 Bar exams, Presbitero J. Velasco confirmed that there may be 1 or 2 items involving enumeration and differentiation per exam.


Update (April 26, 2017): The Supreme Court in its official Twitter account said that the SC will hold special en Banc session on May 3, 2017 while the results will be out on the same date. As quoted,
The SC will hold a special en Banc session to deliberate on #BAR2016 results on May 3, 2017. Results will be released thereafter.
Update (April 7, 2017): Contrary to earlier reports that Bar Exam 2016 results will be out before Holy Week, a source through a report in said that the Supreme Court has tentatively set a special en banc session on May 2, 2017 to discuss the overall passing rate and likewise release the results.

The list of passers will be posted at Supreme Court official website and will be flashed via widescreen at Supreme Court's front yard. You may also refer to this page as we will also post the names of successful examinees.

As referred to previous years' Bar exams, results are expected to be released by SC's Office of the Bar Confidant normally by the end of March up to May of the succeeding year.

Examinations for each year must be considered different from the previous Bar exams. As quoted from the statement of Atty. Theodore O. Te (Assistant Court Administrator and Chief of the Public Information Office in the Supreme Court of the Philippines and the examiner of Labor Laws and Social Legislation) during last year's exams,
Each bar examination must be considered unique in itself when we look at the comparative statistics across the years. Unlike other licensure examinations which employ a standard set of questions and the same set of examiners across a period of time, the bar examinations for each year is practically a new exam because the composition of the Committee differs from the Chair, who has absolute and sole discretion to choose the questions to be asked, to the eight examiners, who are the ones who correct the notebooks. So, when we look at a lower or higher percentage of passing for each year, it may be difficult to compare the two examinations as the questions are not the same, neither is the emphasis given by the Chair to particular topics; the appreciation of the answers, the point spread for each number during the checking by the examiners for each year will also differ.

During November 2015 Bar exams, 1,731 out of the 6,605 examinees successfully passed or an overall passing rate of 26.21%. As per SC, a total of 7,193 filed for exams in which 18 were denied, 29 applicants withdrew their applications, leaving a total number of 7,146 who were admitted by the Supreme Court En Banc to take the examinations. At this number, 523 examinees did not show up on the first Sunday of the bar, leaving 6,623 after the first Sunday. After the fourth Sunday of the bar, only 6,605 examinees completed the examinations.

Rachel Angeli B. Miranda from University of the Philippines (UP) topped the exams garnering 87.40% rating. She was followed by Athena C. Plaza from University of San Carlos having 87.25%, Jayson C. Aguilar also from UP having 86.75%, Reginald M. Arceo and Mandy Therese Anderson from Ateneo de Manila University having 86.70% and 86.15% respective rating.

On exams conducted in the year 2014, 1,126 out of 5,984 (18.82%) examinees passed while 1,174 out of 5,292 (22.18%) in 2013.

Bar exams for the year 2015 (26.21%) has a higher overall passing rate as compared to the three succeeding years.

Meanwhile, below is the summary of bar exam results in the last five (5) years.

Year No. of Takers No. of Passers Passing Rate
2016 6,831 TBA TBA
2015 6,605 1,731 26.21%
2014 5,984 1,126 18.82%
2013 5,292 1,174 22.18%
2012 5,343 949 17.76%
2011 5,987 1,913 31.95%


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