Monday, November 14, 2016

Police Officer Passers: October 2016 NAPOLCOM Exam Results

MANILA, Philippines - The Police Officer list of passers and related results in the October 2016 NAPOLCOM entrance and promotional exams will be available at this website soon as the National Police Commission officially released the results online few months after the last day of exams. Results of promotional examinations for other positions as well as top 20 examinees will also be posted. Below is the complete list of passers for Police Officer position in the aforementioned tests.


Held on OCTOBER 16, 2016
Seq. No. Name
[Official results will be published soon as NAPOLCOM issued the list...]

The entrance and promotional examinations are administered by NAPOLCOM on October 16, 2016 at various designated regional testing centers around the country.

As quoted from Atty. Rogelio Casurao, the Vice Chairman and Executive Officer of NAPOLCOM, these exams aim to promote and recruit more law enforcers in order to enhance police visibility around the country as well as strengthen the insurgency operation of PNP.

While takers are now asking about the possible release date of the official results for PNP entrance and promotional tests, wrote in a related article that this will be release two to three months after the examination.


This page will be continuously updated soon as the administrator sees important related announcements regarding the aforementioned exams. We advise our readers to visit NAPOLCOM official website, bookmark this page and follow us at our social media accounts via Facebook and Twitter to receive fast and timely updates regarding the October 2016 NAPOLCOM exam results.

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