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LIST OF PASSERS: May 2017 & June 2017 Dentist Board Exam Results

MANILA, Philippines – The 'May 2017 & June 2017 Dentists board exam results', written and practical, together with the list of passers, top 10 examinees, top performing schools and related announcements will be available at this website soon as PRC officially released the results online 2-3 working days after the last day of board examination. The May 2017 & June 2017 licensure exams are administered by PRC Board of Dentistry headed by Officer-in-Charge (OIC), Dr. Rannier F. Reyes and its members Dr. Gloria M. Bumanlag, Dr. Melinda L. Garcia, Dr. Roberto M. Tajonera and Dr. Maria Jona D. Godoy on May 3-5, 2017 (Written Phase) and May 30, 2017 - June 2, 2017 (Practical Phase) at PRC testing centers in Manila.


Roll of Successful Examinees in the
Held on MAY 30, 2017 & FF. DAYS
Released on JUNE 2017
Seq. No. Name
[Official results will be published soon as PRC issued the list...] REGISTRATION DATE & REQUIREMENTS

These important registration schedule, requirements and fees shall be secured by a successful examinee.
  • The schedule of online appointment for issuance of Professional ID and Certificate of Registration will be announced by PRC.
  • Registration requirements: duly accomplished Oath Form, latest/current CTC or cedula, 1 piece of colored passport ID picture with white background and nametag, 2 sets of doc stamps and 1 short envelope with name and profession written. 
For Manila board passers, PRC is strictly implementing the online registration system for processing of appointment for registration effective March 30, 2016, details of which are written here.


According to the Commission’s Resolution No. 2016-1019 series of 2016 entitled “Schedule of Licensure Examination for Year 2017”, the target release date for the results of May 2017 & June 2017 Dentistry board exams will be in two (2) working days after the last day of board examinations or by June 6, 2017 (Tuesday). However, results may be released earlier or later without prior notice.

On the same exams conducted by PRC on January 2017, results were out in two (2) working days while on June 2016, results were released after three (3) working days.


The 3 days-written phase exam in the May 2017 Dentistry covered topics from General and Oral Anatomy and Physiology, General and Oral Phatology, General and Oral Microscopic Anatomy and Microbiology, Restorative Dentistry, Public Health and Community Dentistry, Prosthetic Dentistry, Roentgenology, Oral Diagnosis and Surgery, Anesthesiology and Pharmacology, Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics, Dental Jurisprudence, Ethics and Practice Management, Periondontics and Entodontics.

Meanwhile, the practical phase covered areas from amalgam exam, fixed partial denture examination, removable partial denture design exam and complete denture with live patient.


Dentistry is one of the programs with less number of examinees being administered by PRC.

On the most recent exam conducted December 2016, 605 out of 1,150 passed the written phase and 609 out of 613 passed the practical phase. Allan Fred Garcia Camungol from Centro Escolar University in Makati ranked first in the exams garnering 84.30% rating followed by Patricia Mae Mabiog Zara from UP Manila having 84.10%.

During June 2016 of the same test, 329 out of 734 passed the written phase and 356 out of 359 passed in the practical phase. Michail Quebec Francisco from Centro Escolar University Manila ranked first garnering 85.30% rating followed by Aileen Chua Lim, also from CEU Manila having 84.03%.

Meanwhile below is the summary of Dentist board exam results (written and practical) in the last three (3) exams.

Date of Exam Total No. of Examinees Total No. of Passers Passing Rate
May 2017 (Written) TBA TBA TBA
June 2017 (Practical) TBA TBA TBA
December 2016 (Written) 1,150 605 52.61%
January 2017 (Practical) 613 609 99.35%
May 2016 (Written) 734 329 44.82%
June 2016 (Practical) 359 356 99.16%
December 2015 (Written) 900 446 49.56%
January 2016 (Practical) 449 425 94.65%


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