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How to Claim Civil Service (CSC) Certificate of Eligibility for PRC Board Exam Passers?

Manila, Philippines - As stipulated and pursuant to Republic Act 1080 entitled "An Act declaring the Bar and Board Examinations as Civil Service Examinations", those passers in bar exams and PRC-administered test are automatically considered CSC eligible under the "Bar and Board Exam Passers Eligibility" of the Civil Service Commission (CSC). Though passers are already classified eligible, most of them still want to have a black and white proof which leads to these questions, How can I claim my CSC Certificate of Eligibility (CoE)? What are the processes of getting my Sub-Prof or Professional CoE? Will I be given one?
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The administrator of this website seeks answer to to these questions and here is what Civil Service Commission (CSC) said. As quoted,

No other CS eligibility is given to a Bar/Board passer, unless s/he decided to take also the CS exam and passed it.  That's the time s/he can claim CS eligibility.
The answer is clearly stated. No documentary proof shall be given to any PRC passers. The license ID from PRC is already a proof that he/she can work at any government-related positions around the country. Meanwhile, the next exam for this year is scheduled on October 2016. Shall the PRC board passers still want to have certification, he/she may opt to take the test. The procedures and requirements are written at below article.

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  1. If you are a board passer but still under 21 years old, does that make you illegible for civil service?

  2. Hi, if I am a CSE passer but not a PRC licensed profession, is there any ID/certification I can get?

  3. The minimum age to have a civil service sub pro/professional is 18 years old and above. so if you are 18 yrs old and above and prc/board passer then you are already an illegible.

  4. Do you still need to renew your PRC license to be eligible and continue working on government even if you're not practicing your profession?

    1. AnonymousJune 15, 2017

      That's one of my questions as well. May someone answer it. Thank you.

  5. I just wanna ask if there's license for csc passers?

  6. hi po paano po makakakuha ng civil service id card at may bayad po ba?

  7. Sir bali kukuha na lang po ba ng civil service id yung mga nakapasa ng board/bar?

  8. AnonymousMay 16, 2018

    Hi, question po, what if I haven't claim my certificate since passing exam last 2016. Can I still get it? Thank you .

  9. Hi po. I just to ask kung halimbawa po board passer po ako (LET),pwede po ba iconvert ang eligibility ko sa csc prof? Yung sa board po kasi kailangan mag renew.

  10. i passed LET, can i get CSC Certificate of Eligibility?

  11. Can i still get my csc certificate since passing last 2013