Tuesday, September 13, 2016

PERFORMANCE OF SCHOOLS: September 2016 SPLBE for Electrical Engineer REE RME (Middle East) Results

PRC announced the official results as well as the top performing schools and performance of colleges and universities in the September 2016 Special Professional Board Licensure Exam (SPLBE) for Electrical Engineers' Registered Electrical Engineers REE and Registered Master Electricians RME (Middle East) few working weeks after the last day of board examination. Overview of the overall college or university standing is significant especially to the incoming and current students, and college and university administrators.

Below is the complete list of school performance during the aforementioned board exam.

Top Performing Schools: September 2016 SPLBE for Registered Electrical Engineer REE (Middle East) Board Exam
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Top Performing Schools: September 2016 SPLBE for Registered Master Electrician RME (Middle East) Board Exam
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Performance of Schools: September 2016 SPLBE for Electrical Engineers REE RME (Middle East) Board Exam


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