ROOM ASSIGNMENT: October 2017 Psychometrician, Psychologist Board Exams

MANILA, Philippines - The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) Board of Psychology released the October 2017 Psychometrician and Psychologist board exams room assignments few days before the licensure exam. The board exams are scheduled to take place on October 29-30, 2017 at PRC testing centers in Manila, Cebu and Tuguegarao.

Psychometrician is one of the programs with average number of examinees being administered by PRC. During August 2016 Psychology board exams, 63 out of 120 examinees passed. On the same exams conducted On the same board exam conducted July 2015, 36 out of 76 passed the Psychologist while 2,061 out of 4,466 passed in the Psychometrician.


As posted by PRC, examinees shall bring the following requirements on examination proper. The Notice of Admission (NOA), Official Receipt, Pencils No. 1 or 2/ Black ink ballpen, metered stamped mailing envelope, long brown and plastic/transparent envelopes.

PRC reminds examinees to report before 6:30 in the morning on the said date because late comers will not be admitted, examination fees for late examinees will also be forfeited.

Examinees are advised to verify their application number on the day of examination from room watchers/proctors assigned to the room. DRESS CODE

Examinees shall adhere to the attire set by the Professional Regulation Commission.

For male examinees, plain white polo shirt with collar without any seal, logo or marks partnered with decent pants or slacks. For female, plain white blouse or shirt with collar without any seal, logo or marks partnered with skirt or slacks.


Below is the program as well as the list of room assignments for the testing locations mentioned in the October 2017 Psychometrician and Psychology board exams, courtesy of PRC:

  • Manila


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  1. I cannot find the Location for the Psychometrician Exam in BAGUIO?

  2. When will you post the room assignments in manila?

  3. Paano po ung walang name sa room assignment pero meron po sa list?

  4. kelan nyu po b ang ipopost sa manila ksi malapit ung exam

  5. wala pa po yung sa manila?

  6. wala pa po yung room assignment sa Manila?

  7. kaya nga eh hayst😔

  8. Pakirelease na po yung sa Manila cuz' it has lots of examinees. Also, there are peeps na magpapabook ng hotels although yung iba nabebased sa past venues ng surnames. Thanky.

  9. Bakit po nawala yung Lucena, Baguio and Davao sa list?

  10. Where’s lucena

  11. Wala pa po sa Davao?


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