ALS A&E Test Results SY 2015-2016 (Elementary) conducted April 2016 by DepEd

The Department of Education (DepEd) is expected to release the 2015-2016 ALS A&E test results, together with list of passers both for elementary and secondary levels few months after the date of exam. The said examinations were conducted at various testing centers around the country on April 2016.

As posted by DepEd, 6, 305 students passed in elementary level while 119, 483 in secondary.

On this page, examinees can find the full list of results arranged in alphabetical order courtesy of the education department.

 Alternative Learning System (ALS) Accreditation and Equivalency Test (A&E) is a program of the Department of Education for dropout students, out-of-school youth, financially insufficient, working individuals and are not capable of finishing the elementary and secondary studies at formal schooling either in public and private schools.
ALS uses modular approach of teaching. The students are not required to attend on daily basis, only during the agreed schedule between the teachers and students.

Teaching are divided into 2 parts, one being done in school and the other in the community. Facilitators uses uniform learning modules covering all important academic subjects like Mathematics, Science, Filipino, English, etc.

Just like graduates from formal schooling, ALS A&E finishers will also receive diploma duly signed by the education secretary which can be used for enrolling in Grade 11 and other related purposes.

ALS A&E is a yearly examination program being administered by the Department of Education at all designated regional testing centers around the country.

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