BAR EXAM RESULTS 2020-2021: List of Passers (H-Q)

MANILA, Philippines – The 2020-2021 Bar exam results to over 11,000 examinees including the official list of passers (with surnames starting H-Q) are released by the Supreme Court (SC) of the Philippines on April 12, 2022.

As announced, 8,241 out of 11,402 (72.28%) examinees successfully passed the Bar 2022 exams.

It is the first time that the Bar exam was given locally. It is not dependent on penmanship as it was done digitally, has reduced coverage of exams and not spread out in four (4) consecutive Sundays in a month.

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The digitalized bar exams for 2020-2021 is the largest batch of examinees in history. This is the batch that will fulfill the lack of new lawyers that happened within the last two years due to the pandemic. A total of 11,790 has paid their application to take the exams. The exams were headed by the 2020/21 Bar Examinations Chairperson, Justice Marvic M.V.F. Leonen in partnership with several Local Government Units (LGUs) nationwide.

The 2020-2021 licensure exam for aspiring lawyers is originally scheduled on 2020 and 2021. After several postponements, it finally pushed through on February 4 and 6, 2022 at thirty-one (31) local testing sites in the National Capital Region (Makati, Pasay, Manila, Quezon City, and Taguig City), Baguio City, San Fernando City-La Union, Tuguegarao City-Cagayan, Bayombong – Nueva Vizcaya, Angeles-Pampanga, Lipa City-Batangas, Calapan City-Oriental Mindoro, Naga-Camarines Sur, Iloilo City, Bacolod City, Cebu City, Dumaguete City, Tacloban City, Zamboanga City, Cagayan de Oro City, Iligan City, Davao City and General Santos City.

Bar Exam Results 2020-2021 Summary

(H-Q) List of Successful Examinees in the 2020-2021 Bar Exams
Held on FEBRUARY 4 & 6, 2022
Released on April 12, 2022

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How many examinees took the Bar Exams 2020-2021?

As per SC’s Bar Matter Resolution No. 3490 released on January 4, 2022, there are 11,790 examinees registered to take the 2020-2021 Bar exams. The biggest and most challenging yet, as per SC. These examinees have been reviewing longer than any other Bar examinees in the past.

Out of 11,790 registered examinees, 11,378 showed in the first day of exams (96.5% turnout). A good number considering several challenges due to pandemic.

When is the release of Bar exam results?

The normal releasing of results is usually 5-6 months after the exams. But due to the digital conduct of Bar exams this 2022, it is expected that the batch 2020-2021 bar exam results will be released earlier than previous bar exams as examiners can check the answers much quicker.

In a recent press briefer released by the SC’s Public Information Office, the results will be released on Tuesday, April 12, 2022. To quote,

The 2020-21 Bar Examinations Committee Chairperson, Supreme Court Associate Justice Marvic M.V.F. Leonen, today asked the Court to hold a special En Banc session next Tuesday, April 12, 2022, for the purpose of considering his report on the first-ever digitalized and regionalized bar examinations and the release of its results.

The oath-taking of the successful bar examinees is scheduled on May 2, 2022. The venue and other details of the oath-taking shall be announced later.

Before the official posting of results, SC is conducting a special en banc session to decode the bar exam results. This is the process of opening the sealed envelopes with the names of passers.

The list of passers will also be posted at SC’s official website and will be flashed via widescreen at Supreme Court’s front yard. You may also refer to this article as we will also post the names of successful examinees.

The oath-taking of the new lawyers candidates will be announced by SC after the posting of results.

Coverage of Bar Exams

The coverage of the 2020-2021 bar exams has been reduced to four (4) subjects only and distributed to two (2) days due to several factors including the COVID-19 pandemic. The reduction and shortening of exams aim to ensure that there is enough lawyers to meet the needs of the people during the pandemic. Here is the coverage of exams:

  • The Law pertaining to the State and its relationship with its citizens/ formerly Political Law, Labor Law and Taxation Law (30%)
  • Criminal Law (15%)
  • The Law pertaining to Private Personal and Commercial Relations/ formerly Civil Law and Commercial Law (30%)
  • Procedure and Professional Ethics/ formerly Remedial Law, Legal Ethics and Practical Exercises (25%)

What are the questions in 2020-2021 Bar Exams?

Find here the list of questions in the Batch 2020-2021 bar exams for all subjects, as disclosed and shared by the Supreme Court:

Passing Percentage of Bar Exams

To pass the Bar exams, an examinee must have a general average of 75% and with no grade lower than 50% in any of the subjects. While this is the normal case, SC En Banc may also make adjustments and lower the passing percentage.

In 2012, passing percentage was lowered to 70% while in the year 2013 and 2014 bar exams, it was likewise lowered to 73%.

Will there be another schedule of Bar Exams for 2022?

According to ChairPerson Leonen in the Press Conference of the Batch 2020-2021 bar exams,

“The regular bar exam is actually November of every year. I cannot speak for the next bar chair because after we/I conduct this bar exam, it passes on to Justice Benjamin Caguioa. It is up to him to assess the circumstances and after that, recommend to the Supreme Court En Banc as to when the Bar Exam for 2022 will happen.”

Previous Bar Exams

The last bar exams was held on November 2019. During these exams, 2,103 out of 7,685 (27.36%) examinees passed. Mae Dianne M. Azores from University of Santo Tomas – Legaspi ranked first gaarnering a rating of 91.05% followed by Princess Fatima T. Parahiman from University of the East having 89.52%.

On November 2018 bar exams chaired by Associate Justice Mariano del Castillo, 1,800 out of 8,155 (22.07%) examinees passed. Sean James B. Borja from Ateneo de Manila University clinched the top spot having 89.31% rating followed by Marcley Augustus Natu-El and Mark Lawrence Badayos, both from University of San Carlos having 87.53% and 85.84% respective rating.

Here is the statistics of Bar exam results from the year 2010 to 2019.

YearNo. of ExamineesNo. of PassersPassing Rate

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