Can Banana cure the COVID-19/ Coronavirus Disease?

MANILA, Philippines – Following the worries of the masses on the very quick spread of the coronavirus/ COVID-19, several news and videos circulated in previous days claiming that certain home remedies can cure the coronavirus. One of which is eating banana. Can it really cure the COVID-19 disease?

Though eating fruits and vegetable can boost the immune system, medical authorities are not confirming any fruit that can cure the virus.


By simply following the presentation of the circulating video claiming that banana can cure the COVID-19 infection, we can immediately say that it’s fake. The news anchor didn’t even say the word banana. In the internet, no official reports as well backing the authenticity of the news.

Doctor Willie Ong, one of the country’s popular doctors, in his official page confirmed that eating Banana is not the solution to COVID. Consuming too much banana can also result to constipation and kidney problem.

To quote,

Hindi solusyon ang saging sa COVID. Fake news at fake video ang nakita nyo! Karamihan ng gulay at prutas ay masustansya.

Ang saging ay masustansyang prutas. Pero hindi pang-gamot ang saging sa COVID. Mali po! Fake news ang kumalat na post tungkol sa Saging at Covid.

Kung gusto kumain ng saging, hanggang 2 piraso lang bawat araw. Ingat sa may Almoranas at kidney problem. Baka ma-constipated kayo. Sa may kidney problem at mataas creatinine, bawal din ang sobrang saging. God bless.

Instead, he advised to eat vegetables and vitamin C rich foods to improve health. To quote,

Kung gusto palakasin ang katawan, kumain ng vitamin C rich foods at sari-saring gulay:
Piliin ang bayabas, papaya, calamansi, suha, dalandan, orange, lemon, patatas at iba pa.
Hindi ito gamot. Pero pampalakas lang ng katawan. At itigil muna alak at yosi. Para hindi bumagsak ang iyong katawan. Yan ang pinakamahalaga.


On March 17, 2020, the entire Luzon has been placed to enhanced community quarantine until April 14, 2020. Under the memorandum, the public is reminded of the following:

  • Strict home quarantine
  • Suspension of transportation
  • Provision of food and essential services regulated
  • Expect more police and military visibility

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