‘Examinee Data Not Found in the Database’ – Civil Service Exam Online Generation of Rating

The Civil Service Commission (CSC) has announced the results of the April 2016 Civil Service Exam – Pencil and Paper Test (CSE-PPT) on May 26, 2016.

CSC has announced that full records will be available for public checking on June 12, 2016 whether the examinee has passed or failed. However, several examinees are asking why they cannot access their record even they inputted the correct information.

Despite several tries, they kept on receiving this error message from the Online Civil Service Exam Generation System (OCSERGS), “Examinee Data Not Found in the Database, Please check your record and try again.”

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What to do if the examinee received this error message?

According to CSC, the examinee whether passed or failed shall directly coordinate with the CSC Regional Office (CSCRO) concerned.

CSC Eligibility Card and CSC Eligibility Certificate

CSC said that the Eligibility Card for April 2016 Civil Service passers both for Professional and Subprofessional levels are not yet available.

However, passers can be issued with their Certificate of Eligibility printed in official CSC letterhead, free of charge at Regional Offices. This can be claimed by passers not later than June 29, 2016.

What are the requirements for claiming the Certificate of Eligibility?

Just bring the application receipt and one valid identification card containing the holder’s name, clear picture, date of birth and signature (e.g., passport, driving license ID, SSS ID, GSIS ID, etc).

Representatives are not allowed to claim the certificate.

Here is the complete Exam Advisory No. 8 series of 2016 courtesy of the Civil Service Commission.

Meanwhile, CSC is now accepting applications for the October 2016 CSE-PPT. Details on the requirements, fees, schedule, among others can be found this article.

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