Executive Order (EO) on Freedom of Information (FOI) Bill to be Released This Week July 2016

MANILA, Philippines – Malacanang through the Presidential Office Secretary Martin Andanar said that the long-awaited Freedom of Information (FOI) bill is being finalized and expected to be released until next week, July 2016.

As quoted from Andanar’s statement posted in the government gazette,

The best days are yet to come. This week watch out for the draft of Executive Order (EO) for the Freedom of Information Act (FOI) Act which should be released within this week. This is the President’s commitment to the public. This Executive Order is being drafted and fine-tuned as we speak and with God’s grace, we can announce it this week or next week.

We hope that this would allay fears in the media and the public and grant them assurance that the killing of journalists would stop.

Andanar said that he reminded President Duterte about the FOI bill during his assumption of command of PNP.

The proposed FOI, if executed will mandate the disclosure of public related documents. This will also outline the exceptions for public disclosure and procedures for accessing public documents.

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