Fire Officer Exam FOE, POE, BCLTE, FSO Results April 2022: CSE List of Passers, Topnotchers

MANILA, Philippines – The April 2022 Civil Service Exam (CSE) for Fire Officer Examination (FOE), Penology Officer Examination (POE), Penology Officer Examination (POE), Foreign Service Officer (FSO), Basic Competency on Local Treasury Examination (BCLTE) results including the complete list of passers, top 10 examinees and overall performance of schools are expected to be released by the Civil Service Commission within forty (40) days after the day of exams or by June 4, 2022.

The April 2022 Civil Service Exams for FOE, POE, FSO and BCLTE were conducted on Sunday, April 24, 2022 at the designated testing centers around the country.

A total of 13,131 examinees took the re-scheduled exams. Here is the breakdown of examinees:

  • CSE-FSO: 476
  • FOE: 9,411
  • POE: 2,235
  • BCLTE: 1,009

April 24, 2022 CSE Summary of Results

  • Fire Officer Exam (FOE) List of Passers (NCR | CAR | CARAGA | ARMM | Region 1 | Region 2 | Region 3 | Region 4 | Region 5 | Region 6 | Region 7 | Region 8 | Region 9 | Region 10 | Region 11 | Region 12)
  • Penology Officer Exam (POE) List of Passers (NCR | CAR | CARAGA | ARMM | Region 1 | Region 2 | Region 3 | Region 4 | Region 5 | Region 6 | Region 7 | Region 8 | Region 9 | Region 10 | Region 11 | Region 12)
  • Competency on Local Treasury Examination (BCLTE) List of Passers NCR | CAR | CARAGA | ARMM | Region 1 | Region 2 | Region 3 | Region 4 | Region 5 | Region 6 | Region 7 | Region 8 | Region 9 | Region 10 | Region 11 | Region 12)
  • Foreign Service Officer (FSO) List of Passers (NCR | CAR | CARAGA | ARMM | Region 1 | Region 2 | Region 3 | Region 4 | Region 5 | Region 6 | Region 7 | Region 8 | Region 9 | Region 10 | Region 11 | Region 12)

Release of Results

According to the CSC’s examinees guide in taking eligibility tests through Examination Announcement No. 01 series of 2022, the target release of April 24, 2022 FOE, POE, BCLTE and CSE-FSO examination results will be within forty (40) days after the exams. Stand by from June 1-4, 2022.

Meanwhile, official results of April 2022 CSE may also be released earlier or later than the target date without prior notice. We advise to keep tuning in for updates.

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Verification of Rating through OCSERGS/COE

The Civil Service Exam rating can be generated in approximately fifteen (15) days after the posting of official results.

It can accessed using the Online Civil Service Exam Result Generation System (OCSERGS).

Those who pass the exams should verify with the CSC Regional Office the availability of Certification of Eligibility (CoE). Representatives are not allowed to claim the CoE.

Claiming of certification will be available approximately thirty (30) days after the posting of results.

FOE Coverage

The April 2022 Fire Officer Exam (FOE) covered the following topics:

  • General Ability (25%): Verbal, Analytical and Numerical
  • Fire Suppression (30%): Pre-Fire Planning; Firefighting Techniques and Procedures; Tools, Equipment and Apparatus
  • Fire Safety and Prevention (20%): Fire Code of the Philippines; Fire Safety Related Codes, NFPA Laws and other BFP Issuances (Building Code, Electrical Code); BFP Citizens Charter, SOP/MCs on Fire Safety Inspection
  • Fire Investigation (15%): The Law on Arson in the Philippines (RPC); Procedures and Techniques; SOP’s in Fire and Arson Investigation
  • Administrative Matters (10%): RA 6975, 9263 & 9592 and its IRR; CSC Rules and Regulations and Qualification Standards; BFP Memo Circulars and SOP’s on Administrative Matters

POE Coverage

  • General Ability (50%): Verbal, Analytical, Numerical
  • Jail Management Concepts and Applications (30%): Commitment and Classifications of Inmates/Prisoners/Detainees; Reception Procedures, Classification and Disciplinary Boards and Punishable Acts of Inmates; Treatment of Inmates with Special Needs
  • Custodial Concepts and Applications (45%): Custody, Security and Control, Emergency Plans, Movement and Transfer of Prisoners and Detainees; Inmates’ Rights and Privileges
  • Inmates Welfare and Development Programs (15%)
  • BJMP Administrative Matters (10%): Salient Features of RA 6713 & RA 9263; Omnibus Rules on Leave; Bill of Rights – Article III of the Constitution; RA 9745; 2017 Omnibus Rules on Appointments and Other Human Resource Actions; 2017 BJMP Comprehensive Administrative Disciplinary Machinery

CSE-FSO Exam Coverage

  • Numerical Ability (Word Problem; Data Interpretation)
  • Analytical Ability (Word Association/ Analogy; Identifying Assumptions and Conclusions; Symbolic Logic)
  • Verbal Ability (Grammar and Correct Usage; Vocabulary; Paragraph Organization; Reading Comprehension)
  • Managerial Ability (Leadership and Management)

BCLTE Exam Coverage

  • General Ability (Verbal; Analytical; Leadership and Management; RA 6713)
  • Specialized/ Technical Area (Mobilization of Resources; Management of Local Treasury Services; Safekeeping of Local Funds and Records; Preparation and Analysis of Treasury and Non-Treasury Related Reports; Coordinating and Communicating Local Treasury Matters with Stakeholders; Management of Other PFM Areas; Management of Inter-Government and Other Fund Transfers)

FOE/POE Eligibilities

The FOE and POE results are equivalent to both second level eligibilities. To quote CSC,

The resulting Fire Officer Eligibility and the Penology Officer Eligibility are both second level eligibilities that are specific and appropriate for second level ranks in the fire protection and jail management and penology services, respectively, and other functionally related services. These eligibilities, however, are not appropriate for ranks under the Philippine National Police.

Number of Exam Items

For FOE, there are total of 160 items. 150 test items for the test proper while 10 items for the EDQ.

Passing Score

The examinee shall obtain 80.00% general rating to pass the examination.

2022 CSE Schedule

Here are the details of applications for the Year 2022 Civil Service Exams:

Date of ExamTitle of ExaminationStart of ApplicationDeadline of ApplicationTarget Release of Results
March 13, 2022CSE Professional and Subprofessional
(Reset of July 18, 2022)
January 12, 2022January 27, 2022May 12, 2022
April 24, 2022FOE, POE, BCLTE
(Reset of October 10, 2021)
(Reset of September 12, 2022 for the 9 remaining testing centers)
June 4, 2022
June 19, 2022CSE-Professional and Subprofessional
(Agency request/regular)
April 12, 2022April 28, 2022August 18, 2022
August 7, 2022CSE-FSO, ICLTEJune 2, 2022June 16, 2022September 17, 2022
October 23, 2022FOE, POE, BCLTEAugust 18, 2022September 1, 2022December 3, 2022

Bar/ Board/ Honor Graduates CSC Eligibilities

Bar examination passers given by the Supreme Court of the Philippines are automatically granted with Civil Service Eligibility.

Board Exam passers given by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) are also automatically granted with CSC eligibility under Republic Act No. 1080.

Honor Graduates may opt not to apply also since they are already eligible and may be granted with Honor Graduate Eligibility under P.D. 907.

Though the following are already CSC eligibles, they can always opt to take CSE if they like.

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