How an Examinee Prepares for Board Exam?

“If you are not ready to go to war, don’t put on your combat clothes” (J. Stanford). A quotation that proves that preparation, among other things, has always been the key to winning any battle, so as with making it big in any board exams conducted by any commission.

We ran a call from our Facebook fan page members, mostly board passers, on how they prepare for board exam and we’re deeply overwhelmed with below informative thoughts. If you are a current examinee or planning to take board exam in the future, these will surely be of big help.


Pray for wisdom. Ask for His guidance. And when you finally see that “vision”, that is when you will find yourself motivated to do all the things you need to do. And the rest will follow. Trust yourself like you are entrusting everything to the creator. – Edlyn C. Elorde

Pray! Not just during the exam. Have faith in God and believe in yourself. I have studied 4 months for that 3 day board exam, reading 5 to 10 pages a day in reviewer since not everything will be on the exam. Do your best! Use your observations and comprehension. Take care of your health. Think Positive. Pray and Pray. Enjoy the exam. – Jhon Anthony Pacarro

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While reviewing, first, don’t skip meals and have at least 6 hours of sleep because you need energy to function. Second, find your best time to read so that you can fully understand your notes, also take some sweets while reading (glucose is energy). Third, listen and take down notes (when you are enrolled in review center) make sure to read notes or other review materials everyday and lastly, don’t forget to pray, ask him for his guidance and to give you determination. Remember, Do your best, and God will do the rest. – Aurelle Cacayan

Drink a plenty of water. Eat regularly. And don’t forget to sleep. You can never focus on your review if you don’t have enough sleep. Read and read all the time because review centers cannot guarantee all the possible answers. Believe your goal. Believe in yourself. Stay strong. And lastly, prayers. Trust in Him. Do your best and God will do the rest! – Jerah PeƱaflor Dacillo


Sleep at least 8 hours before the day of the exam. It’ll help. – Felileo Ollave Beltran


Avoid what ifs to the questions. Read as many as you can and understand it by heart and by hypothalamus. And the most important of all, pray always. – April Barandino

Read and read your handouts before you sleep . Eat healthy foods, sleep early and just believe in your self – Mark Anthony Cueto Escalona

Suffer now, party later. Dreams are only dreams without hardwork and perseverance. Don’t let your dreams be dreams! Work hard for it. Take down notes, do not be absent in review days, drink more water, focus on your goals and set aside those distracting thoughts! Study well and pray harder. Remember when you do your best, God will do the rest. God is good all the time. – Joyce Martha D. Celajes 
First, Know the real reason why you are reviewing, focus on it. Second, study wise not hard, we have our own limits in studying that if we exceed it we might not understand what we are reading or solving, studying is right but too much of it will stress you out, it’s better to study with less time but have a quality than studying so long but didn’t comprehend it. Third, sleep right. Fourth, Don’t compare your self with other reviewees, it might cause pressure on you. Fifth, Be inspired by your family. Sixth and the most important, pray to our God, Give thanks for everything, ask for forgiveness and trust His plans with all your heart, never question Him. Remember Jeremiah 29:11. – Renell Cristobal 
I recently passed the BLEPP, thankfully taking the 10th place. There is no substitute for hard work. We know that any board exam is difficult but we fail to acknowledge the effort that this demands. 
One thing that helped me through the entire process is focusing on what I don’t know yet instead of counting which things I already know. There will always be another reference text worth reading. 
It’s also very practical to make a timetable that specifies which subjects, chapters and even down to the specific pages will be covered for each day and religiously follow this schedule. Lastly, do not compare your progress with that of others. We all have different study techniques and even more so the rate by which we can absorb knowledge. What matters most is that you know yourself well to identify which works best for you. Don’t be intimidated by that one review classmate who already memorized the entire textbook or don’t be envious of that one friend who doesn’t seem to be pressured by the upcoming board exams. You alone will determine your own fate. Visualize that license and believe that you can do it! Not because you were lucky, but because you worked hard for it! – Augil Marie Quijano Robles 
We reviewed for four straight months and it was really filled with faith, perseverance, vigor and of course, hope. We traveled to Cebu (we are actually from Davao) for us to really focus on our review, away from our peers and colleagues in Davao. We had our review everyday and we summarize the “subject of the day” every night by writing it down on a piece of paper. We also give ourselves time to relax. that’s every weekends. We do movie marathons, food trips, but making sure that the knowledge is still in mind. We also go to church every Sunday and light candles in church on our spare time. On the last month of our review, every night was turned into a group prayer night. We prayed the rosary as a group (we are a group living in one apartment with three rooms). On the last week of review, I used to scan all my notes. the day before the exam day, we relaxed and did a brisk walk in parks and malls to calm our mind and to tire ourselves so it’ll not be hard for us to sleep due to overthinking for the exam. The night before, I read all my notes and slept. I woke up early and read again my notes, and time after time, I pray. We did not do intense reviewing the week before exam and now I am a registered engineer. – Wilfred John Abracia Manatad 


Do not pressure yourself, If you like to sleep then sleep don’t force yourself because your self knows when to be active. Answer 100 item questions for the last 20 days before board exam – Cedric Ian

Stay calm, free your mind of worries and doubts. Read when you feel reading and a lot info will retain. Pray a lot and always aim high but do not expect a lot. – Sophia Marianne Terano

Don’t pressure yourself so much. Sometimes you need to relax, because its harder to review when your mind is under pressure. – Mark Buyagawon

Be emotionally stable. You must learn how to calm yourself under pressure, be open-minded, be cheerful and be optimistic all of the time. Make reading as your habit. Read everyday but don’t be too hard on yourself. You may visit your social media accounts for awhile, visit the official website of the PRC. Read all the articles about the board exam, hang out with friends, have some fun, play an outdoor game, etc. Be healthy emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Your mind must be well-conditioned on the day of the exam, release all the negatives before taking the exam and please avoid erasures. Most especially seek guidance to God, don’t just settle for your own knowledge and understanding because without Him we are nothing. Just remember that He is always right beside you – Ces Delda


You will never pass unless you have the strong desire in your heart to pass. Because if passing is not a “big deal” to you then it will surely manifest in your rating. Your ultimate drive is your strong desire to see your name on the list of passers or even the list of topnotchers. If you have that strong desire, you will work for it with all your might and give your whole dedication to it. Always pray, and be confident in God as you review and as you take the exam. – Mac Lomocso Delos Arcos

Do your best, the review centers can’t spoon-feed all the topics you learned for 4 years, that’s why make reading a habit. Believe in yourself, no one else will. Above all, trust in Him – Gre Thel

Pray before, during and after exam and even after the result. Make reading a habit at least two hours everyday. Enroll to a reliable review center, if possible. They will really help a lot especially on the techniques in answering questions. According to our lecturer, in a board exam, you should know how to attack the questions. Do not be overconfident. Prepare your mind, body and soul. Lastly, have faith in God and believe in yourself. – Jay Boy Pajo Dilao


Preparing for the board exam requires courage and a positive mind. If you feel that you’re not ready yet, then don’t take risk just because you’re afraid to be left behind by your batch-mates. Take the exam when you feel like your mentally and emotionally 100% ready. Always remember, it doesn’t mean that if you took longer than the others, you fail. I waited for another 6 months after my graduation and skipped the June nursing licensure exams because I don’t think I’m well prepared to take it right away. your future depends on how well you do in the actual examinations. Always put in mind, that if others can do it, you also can. Most importantly, surrender everything to the one who is mighty to save. If a prayer can move mountains, then how small your problem is. The board exam is a 500 item exam yet you have a greater God who knows no limits. Preparing for the board exam is about 10% knowledge and 90% prayer. Faith without action is dead. Thus consistency, patience, and perseverance, your diligence will bear fruit with a taste of sweet success. – Mai Habulan


To prepare in taking board exams, I believe the first thing to do is to identify and SET your goal. I suggest that we should set it in a highest standard as it can be and that is to be on TOP. For if ever you didn’t make it on top for sure you’ll passed. Secondly, gather ALL the possible reviewers from highly trusted resources. It is better to know more about everything so you can have as much as idea you needed in taking and answering the actual questions in the actual examinations. Next, make your own review schedule , as long as you have your free time please do not hesitate to read at least 2 questions every time you have time. (Practice makes perfect) Another one is give yourself time to rest, do your hobby, pamper yourself, watch a movie, go out with your friends, eat a lot. Do not forget to give yourself a time to relax and breathe for a while. It will help you to regain your energy and review more. (Note: Time management is the key. Please. Do not memorize just give a meaning through your own words) Last but definitely not the least, Pray. Before, during and after the examination, Pray. For He knows what your heart desires. He will guide you in each and every step of the way. Believe that you can for if others can and so are you. Trust yourself as you believe and trust in Him. Please do not forget to remember the reasons that brought you here, that is your ideals and aspirations. – Ara Manzanero

First you must set your goal and set your priority. Understand yourself and undertake more than what you think you can. Check your strength and weaknesses. Challenge yourself to do better. Enjoy what you are doing. Strategies, strive hard and never give up. Study. Lastly, pray for His divine guidance. – Benj Peters


Practice yourself in answering questions from previous board exams to boost your critical and analytical thinking. Don’t memorize too much rather understand key concepts.Most importantly, pray before you review. – Jonalyn Q. Alvindia

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