LET Reviewer General Education GenEd: Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Part 1

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In efforts of this portal to attend on requests from PRCBoard Facebook fan page members, we consolidated some of the questions which may likely help out takers during the exams.

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Below is the LET Reviewer for General Education GENED: Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Part 1. We encourage readers/ reviewees to use the comment boxes after the article for discussion.

1. Which of the following is not a benefit of technology in education?
a. Improves critical-thinking abilities.
b. Unlimited access to games and other internet sites.
c. Allows cooperative learning.
d. Increases self-expression.

2. Which situation shows that technology can be used to motivate students to learn?
a. Teacher Eric employs educational games related to the lesson they are taking.
b. Miss Cleo designs lessons which use cooperative learning with technology integration.
c. Mr. Jimmy utilizes computer assisted instruction programs so that students will learn at their own pace.
d. Teacher Sarah assigns projects to her class where self-expression and creativity is acknowledged.

3. He is considered as the “Father of Modern Media in Education”.
a. Jean Piaget
b. Robert Gagne
c. B.F. Skinner
d. Edgar Dale

4. It is a term to denote a whole range of technologies associated with processing information and with sending and receiving messages.
a. Educational Technology
b. Information and Communication Technology
c. Media Technology
d. Instructional Systems Design

5. A methodology widely used for developing new training programs.
a. Microsoft
b. World Wide Web
c. Instructional Systems Design
d. Computer Technology

6. This is considered to be the first manual data processing device developed in China in the 12th century A.D.
a. Hieroglyphics
b. Papyrus
c. Printing Press
d. Abacus

7. He is considered to be the “Father of Computing” because of his contributions to the basic design of computer.
a. John Napier
b. William Oughtred
c. Blaise Pascal
d. Charles Babbage

8. Which is the standard input device that accepts letters, numbers and commands from the user?
a. Trackpad
b. Lightpen
c. Mouse
d. Keyboard

9. Mr. Rico carefully studies the materials he acquired from the internet. He always examines if the author is qualified to present the material. This practice is?
a. necessary to ensure that the materials are reliable.
b. unethical because he does not trust the author.
c. unnecessary because all resources from the internet are dependable.
d. just a waste of time.

10. When a teacher asks the consistency of a material taken from the internet with other available materials, he/she is concerned with its?
a. relevance
b. accuracy
c. coverage
d. currency

Answers: 1B 2A 3D 4B 5C 6D 7D 8D 9A 10B


This website believes that education is a right, not a privilege. This portal does not claim ownership to any materials posted. Likewise, questions are not influenced by PRC professional regulatory board. The main purpose of the reviewer is to assist examinees who chose to review online.

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