UPCAT Results 2020 – Complete List of Passers

MANILA, Philippines (UPCAT RESULT 2020, Update May 30, 2020) – The University of the Philippines College Admission Test (UPCAT) Results for Academic Year 2020-2021 including the official list of passers and related announcements are available as the University of the Philippines Office of Admissions releases the results online on May 30, 2020.

RESULTS ARE OUT! Applicants can view the result via https://upcatresults.up.edu.ph/. Make sure to login using the email address and password to check the status of application.

UPCAT 2020 was administered on October 5 & 6, 2019 to over 100,000 applicants at various testing centers around the country. It is a yearly admission exam conducted by UP for deserving students who wish to study at its seven (7) constituent universities and one (1) autonomous college spread out through fifteen (15) campuses nationwide. To quote,

To maintain its high standard of education and to maximize its limited resources, the University has had to limit slots for freshman admission to each campus and to its various degree programs. 

Moreover, to implement the policy of democratization to make the U.P. studentry more representative of the nation’s population, socio-economic and geographic considerations are factored in the selection of campus qualifiers.

UP has a lot of undergraduate degree programs across their campuses in Baguio, Cebu, Pampanga, Diliman, Iloilo, Los Baños, Manila, Tacloban and Mindanao. While the admission to UP System is very selective with acceptance rate of 15% to 17%, this ensures that they only select the best and brightest freshmen students.

UPCAT covered four (4) sub tests. These consist of Language Proficiency (English and Filipino), Science, Math and Reading Comprehension (English and Filipino).

To qualify for a campus, all UPCAT applicants are ranked based on their UP admission grades, then screened based on their choice of campuses. The top-ranking applicants per campus will qualify based on the campus quota and cut-off grade.

Campus qualifiers are ranked according to different grade predictors of their chosen degree programs and are accepted based on the program quotas. If the qualifier don’t make it to your first choice of program, they will be screened again for the second choice using the same process, and so on until the last choice. If still do not make it to the last indicated course choice, passers remains qualified for that campus but must then find a degree program with available slots.

In last year’s exams, 140,593 applicants, only 101,134 were eligible. Out of the eligible applicants, 11,821 out of 90,408 were qualified for admission or 13.08% acceptance rate.


UPCAT results 2020 are expected to be released by March to May 2020. Likewise, UPCAT has shifted to a new way of accessing the results online via https://upcat.up.edu.ph. You will need the same email account that you used in application to view your application results.

Update May 30, 2020: UPCAT 2020 results are out! Congratulations to the new Isko and Iska!

Update May 6, 2020: UP announced that the UPCAT 2020 results will be released within the month of May 2020. To quote,

As previously announced, the release of the UPCAT 2020 results has been delayed due to the enhanced community quarantine. The Office of Admissions (https://upcatonline.up.edu.ph/), like all other units and offices in the University of the Philippines, has had to adapt by operating with only a tiny fraction of its workforce to complete the necessary validation procedures and the final computations of results for over 100,000 UPCAT examinees.
We understand your concern about the pending release of UPCAT 2020 results, but rest assured that the Office of Admissions continues to do its utmost despite severe limitations and challenges. The results are targeted for release within the month of May.

Update April 30, 2020: 2020 UPCAT Results are expected to be released very soon.

Update March 28, 2020: In an announcement from UP Office of Admissions, the release of results which was originally scheduled on March 31, 2020 is suspended until further notice. The decision to postpone is due to the reality that the UPCAT applicants will have different levels of access to online results in light of the Enhanced Community Quanrantine as well as the consideration on the welfare of employees working on pre-release validation of UPCAT results.


As mentioned, UP envisioned to admit the best students and provide increase access to quality education. All UP students are provided partial tuition subsidies by government appropriations, but additionally the University provides possible tuition discounts and/or additional financial assistance for qualified students in the form of monthly subsidies for living expenses. Students may also avail of tuition loans and short-term loans from the Student Loan Board.

UP Oblation Scholarship. This program is awarded to the top 50 UPCAT passers. This benefits the awardees with free tuition, miscellaneous and laboratory fees and monthly incentive. Scholars may enjoy these benefits throughout the length of their students provided that they maintain a certain average grade requirement.

Iskolar ng Bayan Scholarship. This program provides free tuition and other school fees for the first year of college is available for AY 2017-2018 under RA 10648. Below are the eligibility requirements courtesy of UP:

  • Must be a Filipino citizen
  • Must be enrolling for the first time in college and has no credited previous college work
  • Has graduated from any public high school in the country within 2 years prior to SY 2016
  • Provides a certification, duly signed by the School Principal, that s/he belongs to the Top Ten of the graduating class.

Applicants for the Iskolar ng Bayan Scholarship through automatic admission don’t have to take the UPCAT if they choose a UP campus that is in their region, but they may still have to submit final grades for 3 high school years preceding graduation in order to satisfy application requirements of the University.


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