Mandatory Drug Testing for All Government Employees: Proposal

MANILA, Philippines – Calls and proposals for mandatory drug testing to all government employees are being raised on the onset of President Duterte’s anti-illegal drug campaign and suppressing criminality.

According to Ernesto Abella, President Spokesperson of Malacanang, who is also in favor of the proposal, this proposal will regain the trust of the public to all government employees in general.

As reported in, Abella said that via radio interview that the call will prove that government workers are proper. As quoted,

Just to prove to the people na lahat ng mga tao natin ay maayos naman. That should not be a deterrent, it’s not a question of exposing but it’s a question of expressing, it’s a symbolic act. It’s a very powerful symbolic act, na pinapakita natin na tayong mga nagsisilbi sa gobyerno ay maayos na mga tao ‘yan, and they are people worthy of our trust.

He added that it’s part of the presidential agenda to end the so-called “narcopolitics”, or politicians who used confiscated drugs and money for their own interest.

Last week, President Duterte also  named the five (5) generals who are allegedly involve in illegal drugs.

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