NCR Passers Top the April 2016 Civil Service Exam Professional and Subprofessional

MANILA, Philippines – NCR passers swept the top 10 spots in the Professional level of the recently concluded April 2016 Civil Service Exam – Pencil and Paper Test (CSE-PPT).

As reported by Civil Service Commission (CSC), out of 229, 463 exam takers, 11.02%  passed the Career Service Exam throughout the country. 22, 041 will be given a CSE Professsional eligibility while the 3, 235 will be given subprofessional eligibility.

Hannah Ivyn Hazel Damian from the National Capital Region (NCR) topped the professional level for having 92.36% rating while Jerome De Chavez, also from the National Capital Region (NCR) ranked first in the subprofessional level having 88.28% rating. See the complete list of top 10 passers at below article.

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In the results of April 2016 CSE (Professional level), all of the top 9 spots came from the National Capital Region (NCR). The remaining came from the Bicol Region, Marc Gelian Ante, rank 2, having 91.81% ratting.

CSC in its report announced that the National Capital Region (NCR) got the highest passing rate during the aforementioned eligibility tests. Out of 34, 132 examinees, 6, 265 passed or a total 18.35% overall passing rate.


CSC has announced that the commission is already accepting new applicants for October 23, 2016 CSE PPT starting May 16, 2016. They will close the applications for Professional and Subprofessional levels on September 1, 2016.

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Civil Service Exam is a bi-annual exam being conducted by the Civil Service Commission (CSC) for the appointment of first and second level positions in the government. The professional level can be used for government positions involving practice of profession and those covered by special laws while subprofessional eligibility is for clerical government positions.

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