LIST OF PASSERS: Nursing NLE Board Exam Result November 2019

MANILA, Philippines (Released 12/05/2019) – The November 2019 Nursing board exam result or the Nurse Licensure Exam (NLE) list of passers, top 10 examinees, top performing schools and performance of schools are available at this website as PRC officially releases the results online 14 working days after the board examinations.

As announced, 7,627 out of 13,816 (55.20%) passed the exams.

The November 2019 NLE were administered by PRC Board of Nursing (BoN) headed by its Chairman, Glenda S. Arquiza, and its members, Carmelita C. Divinagracia, Gloria B. Arcos, Carfredda P. Dumlao, Florence C. Cawaon, Cora A. Añonuevo and Elizabeth C. Lagrito on November 16 & 17, 2019.


The November 2019 Board Licensure Exam for Nurses were conducted at testing centers located in Manila, Baguio, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Davao, Iloilo, Legazpi, Lucena, Pagadian, Tacloban, Tuguegarao and Zamboanga.


Final Update: Nurse Licensure Exam November 2019 results are out! Congratulations to all passers!

December 5, 2019: Today is the target release of NLE results November 2019. Stand by here future RNs!

December 1, 2019: NLE results November 2019 are expected to be released very soon. We advise examinees to refer to PRC official website for results or stand by here to receive updates. Good luck future RNs!


According to the Commission’s Resolution No. 1127 s. 2018 entitled “Schedule of Licensure Examination for Year 2019”, the target release date of NLE result November 2019 will be on December 5, 2019 or fourteen (14) working days after the board exams. However, this may also be out earlier or later than the target date without prior notice.

In the most recent Nursing board exams conducted last June 2019, results were out after twelve (12) working days while during November 2018, results were published after fourteen (14) working days.


As to the exact time of release of NLE November 2019 result, PRC is only disclosing the target release date as mentioned. Meanwhile, based from previous releases of NLE exams since 2016, results were released during afternoon time up until midnight. Refresh this page for the latest updates.


The schedule of online appointment for issuance of Professional ID and Certificate of Registration will be from December 19, 20, 26 & 27, 2019, January 3 and January 6-10, 2020.

PRC is strictly implementing the online registration system for all passers effective March 30, 2016. Initial registrants are advised to register online via, an online application and registration portal of PRC.

Here are the registration requirements:

  • Notice of Admission/NOA (for identification purposes only)
  • Duly accomplished Oath Form or Panunumpa ng Propesyonal
  • Two (2) pieces of passport-sized ID photos in white background and with complete name tag
  • Two (2) sets of documentary stamp
  • One (1) piece short brown envelope

PRC added that successful examinees shall personally register and sign in the Roster of Registered Professionals.


The November 2019 NLE covered topics from community health nursing,
care of healthy or at-risk mother and child and care of clients with physiologic and psychosocial alterations.

As per BoN, the test draw basic knowledge, skills and attitudes in the major subject areas specifically in fundamentals of nursing including professional adjustments, maternal and child nursing, community health and communicable disease nursing, nursing of adolescents, adults and aged, and mental health and psychiatric nursing.

The examination also tests competencies in relation to the eleven (11) key areas of responsibility contained in the Competency Standards of Nursing Practice in the Philippines. Aforesaid key-areas are categorized as follows:

  • Patient Care Competencies
    • Safe and Quality Nursing Care
    • Communication
    • Collaboration and Teamwork
    • Health Education
  • Empowering Competencies
    • Legal Responsibilities
    • Ethico-Moral-Spiritual Responsibilities
    • Personal and Professional Development
  • Enabling Competencies
    • Management of Resources and Environment
    • Records Management
  • Enhancing Competencies
    • Research
    • Quality Improvement

Anatomy and Physiology, Pathophysiology, Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Nutrition and Diet Therapy and Parasitology and Microbiology are also integrated.


NLE is one of the the programs with most number of examinees being administered by the Professional Regulation Commission.

In the recent Nursing board exam held on June 2019, 5,059 out of 9,691 (52.20%) examinees passed. Jeremiah Paula Austria Caceres from Angeles University Foundation and Almira Louise Olete Hinsoy from West Visayas State University – La Paz shared the top spot in the list of topnotchers, for having 87.40% rating. West Visayas State University – La Paz, Xavier University and Silliman University clinched the top spot in the list of top performing schools for having 100% overall passing rate.

During the NLE November 2018, 4,811 out of 12,033 (39.98%) examinees passed. Jennifer Jacob Quirante from University of Santo Tomas ranked first in the exams garnering a rating of 87.80% followed by Kathryn Angelie Agustin Bugho from Remedios T. Romualdez Medical Foundation having 86.80%. University of Santo Tomas topped the top performing schools list having all of its examinees passed followed by Saint Louis University having 98.52% overall passing rate.

In June 2018 NLE, 4,326 out of 9,873 (42.82%) examinees passed. Mark Tristan Pangilinan Bobosa from University of Pangasinan ranked first in the exams garnering 87.60% followed by Andrew Rey Lao Del Fierro and Philip Gabriel Gillegao Gimotea from Xavier University, both having 87.20% rating. West Visayas State University – La Paz, Velez College and Xavier University shared the first spot in the top performing schools category, all having 100% overall passing rate.

During November 2017 exams, 5,875 out of 12,869 (45.65%) examinees passed. Raymund Kernell Balmaceda Mañago from University of the Philippines – Manila topped the exams having 89.00% rating followed by Veronica Louise Ganalon Necor from University of Santo Tomas garnering 88.80%. In the top performing schools category, UST ranked first having all of its 300 examinees passed or 100% overall passing rate followed by Saint Louis University having 99.39% passing rate.

During June 2017 NLE, 3,882 out of 11,176 (34.74%) examinees passed. Mary Angelie Cardente Cabañez from West Visayas State University – La Paz ranked first in the exams garnering 86.20% rating followed by Nona Casey Dela Serna Baring from Cebu Normal University having 85.20%. Xavier University was the top performing school having 100.00% overall passing rate followed by West Visayas State University – La Paz having 99.21%.

On November 2016 NLE, 6,836 out of 14,322 (47.73%) examinees passed. Eric Carolino Jacinto from Saint Louis University and Faith Calzado Rutagines ranked first in the exams garnering 86.60% rating. They were followed by Benedict Mark Magat Bunal from University of the Philippines – Manila and Augustine Beth Dionisio Cortez from University of Santo Tomas having 86.20%. University of Santo Tomas and Benguet State University – La Trinidad shared the top spot in the top performing schools’ list having all of its examinees passed or 100.00% overall passing rate.

During June 2016 Nursing board exam, 6,183 out of 14,184 (43.59%) examinees passed. Bernard John Ezra IV Rafols Icamen from Cebu Normal University (Cebu State College) and Melissa Castor Malong from De La Salle University – Health Sciences Institute topped the exams garnering 87.20% rating. West Visayas State University – La Paz ranked first in the list of top performing schools having 100% overall passing rate followed by Bicol University Legazpi for having 89.02%.


Successful PRC NLE passers November 2019 can refer to the official website and use the LERIS Verification Page to know their board examination rating. This usually comes few days after the posting of results. As posted, a passer shall only provide the exam name, the date of examination, the application number, first name, last name and the birth-date.

To receive up-to-date news about PRC Nursing result November 2019, we advise our visitors to bookmark this page, visit PRC official website or follow us at our social media pages via Facebook and Twitter.

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