Room Assignments: September 2015 Mechanical Engineer and Certified Plant Mechanic Board Exam

Professional Regulatory Board of Mechanical Engineering has released the room assignments for the upcoming Mechanical Engineer and Certified Plant Mechanic board exam scheduled 29-30 of September 2015. The board reminds examinees of the following important matters.

The school/building assignment shall be posted at PRC premises 2-3 working days before the examination. Examinees shall report to the school/building assignment before 6:30 in the morning to verify the room and seat number. PRC iterates that late examinees will not be accepted.

Examinees should observe decent clothing during the entire schedule of exams. For male, white polo shirt or white T shirt with collar, tucked in decent pants or slacks. For female, white polo shirt with collar, decent pants or slacks or skirt.

The following requirements should be brought by the examinees:

  1. Notice of Admission (NOA)
  2. Official Receipt
  3. Pencils No. 1 or 2/ Black ink ballpen
  4. Metered stamped mailing envelope
  5. Long brown and plastic/transparent envelopes

Prohibitions during examination per se

  1. Books, notes and related review materials
  2. Programmable calculator
  3. Cellular phones or other related gadgets (PRC will not be liable for the lost of prohibited items)
  4. Any kind of bags

Below are the room assignments courtesy of PRC:

September 2015 Mechanical Engineers Licensure Examination

    September 2015 Certified Plant Mechanic Licensure Examination

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