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MANILA, Philippines – The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) through the Resolution No. 2020-1267 series of 2020 has detailed the Revised Guidelines and Procedures in the filing and processing of applications for licensure examination of repeater examinees/applicants.

PRC said that the revised guidelines was issued in compliance with the Zero-Contact policy of the government as well as the requirements of the Anti-Red Tape Act (Republic Act No. 9485, s.2007).

Here are the guidelines from PRC:

  1. Repeater examinees who took the licensure examinations from June 2018 and onwards shall no longer be required to personally file their applications and submit copies of Transcript of Records and NSO Birth Certificates in PRC Regional Offices and PRC Service/Offsite Centers;
  2. Upon online submission of application for licensure examination and payment of examination fee through the duly accredited payment channels, the repeater examinee/applicant shall print the system-generated Notice of Admission (NOA) which shall be presented to the examination personnel/supervisor on the day/s of the licensure examination;&
  3. Scanned copies of other documents required by respective regulatory laws, such as certificate of completion of refresher course, NBI/Police clearance, good moral certificate, and regional trial court clearances shall be submitted through the official email address of the concerned Regional Office/Service Center. Non-submission or failure to submit the required documents within seven (7) days upon online issuance of NOA shall cause the cancellation of said application for licensure examination;
  4. Original/photocopies of said documentary requirements shall be submitted personally during the initial registration when they passed the licensure examination;
  5. System-generated Seat Plan compared with the NOA will be the basis of the examinee’s identity during the licensure examination.


STEP 1. On the profile, select Transaction.

STEP 2. Press the Examination tab, fill in the fields and Proceed.

STEP 3. Double check the details and Proceed.

STEP 4. Choose the payment method.

STEP 5. Check all the details then click Submit. Pay at your chosen payment channel.
STEP 6. After successful payment, click Existing Transaction. Press Print Document to print the Notice of Admission.

This is the sample Notice of Admission.

Note: All images above are owned by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).


You may also want to view the full text of Resolution No. 2020-1267 here.

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