Vianca Pearl Amores – May 2017 CPA Topnotcher Inspirational Story

Be inspired with the inspirational thoughts of Vianca Pearl Amores from University of San Carlos (USC) in Cebu, one of the examinees who clinched the top spot in May 2017 Certified Public Accountant (CPA) board exam.

Here is her summarized story.

I am Vianca Pearl Amores, a proud graduate of the University of San Carlos. After graduation from high school at Ateneo de Cebu, I planned on taking up culinary. It was never my dream of becoming a CPA. But God has a funny way of changing our own little plans. I am now a CPA and I am very happy that I am. Who would’ve thought that the girl who wanted to be a chef would graduate as Summa Cum Laude and place 1st in the May 2017 CPA board exam?

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My college life was not perfect. I used to rely so much on luck to get me through college. I would always rationalize every procrastination by thinking that skipping this material would probably cost me just a few items. It was sustainable for a while but I had to experience my share of heartbreaking failures.

USC’s high standards require a qualifying exam every year that will admit a student into the next year. Failing that exam means shifting to another course. I was very complacent that time.
I mean I thought that what are the chances of failing, right? Thus, I didn’t prepare that much for that important exam.

I can still remember answering that dreadful AFAR examination. While I was still struggling with getting any sort of answer for the items on the first page, I felt like everyone has moved on to the next pages already. The frustration starts to set in. Ten minutes before the exam ended, I still had like 20 blanks!! C for Christ was the only choice.  After I passed my paper, I immediately cried. There was no drama but real sadness. I had one chance but I blew it because of my complacency. I kept crying while waiting for the results. I was wondering how I would tell my parents and boyfriend that I couldn’t be a CPA anymore. That was the lowest point of my life. Judgment day arrived and I actually passed! I mean I barely passed. Thank you to God for that!

All the emotions I felt during that dark time were too traumatizing that it totally changed me after. I changed everything from my study habits to my mindset. I started to study very effectively. I start studying at 9 AM and end at 12 midnight. I take a 15-minute break every hour. And I took my eight (8) hours of sleep per day very seriously. The achievements just followed after that. Every time I felt like procrastinating, the fear of failing that bad again pushed me to study instead. In hindsight, I feel very blessed that the Lord made me experience that heartbreaking failure. I mean I got my happy ending anyway, right? I eventually passed that qualifying exam and I am now a CPA. God is good all the time!

My advice to all the students is to study wisely. Try not to study everything because it is impossible to read everything and remember it. Focus on the important materials and always get enough sleep. And the most important thing to do is to always pray. Believe in the things you prayed for, and you might just top the board!

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      bitter af

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