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LIST OF PASSERS: August 6, 2017 Civil Service Exam Results CSE-PPT

MANILA, Philippines – The 'August 2017 Civil Service Exam results' for Professional and Subprofessional levels together with the list of passers, top examinees and related announcements will be available at this website soon as the Civil Service Commission (CSC) officially released the results online forty one (41) days after the day of examination.
Below is the summary of August 2017 Civil Service Exam - Pen and Paper Test (CSE-PPT) results for Professional and Subprofessional levels courtesy of CSC.


The exams are administered by the Civil Service Commission on August 6, 2017 at CSC testing centers located in NCR, CAR, CARAGA, ARMM and all Regional testing centers nationwide.

CSC said that a total of 242,901 examinees will take the Career Service Examination-Pen and Paper Test (CSE-PPT) on August 6, 2017. A total of 208,757 examinees (85.9%) in the Professional level exam, while 34,144 examinees (14.1%) in the Sub-professional level.

As per CSC,
The professional eligibility is needed for appointment to second level (technical) positions in the government, requiring at least a bachelor’s degree for education. The Subprofessional eligibility is applicable to first level (clerical) government positions that require less than four years of college studies. The Professional eligibility may also be used for clerical positions. Both eligibilities, though, cannot be used for positions involving practice of profession and those covered by special laws.
Passing the CSC exams is not the only requirement for working in the government. CSC reminded that aspirants shall meet the education, experience and training requirements needed for the position. Likewise, they will have to undergo screening process by the selection board which might include interviews, written exams, among others.


According to the Commission’s examinees guide in taking Civil Service Examination Pen and Paper Test, the target release date for the results of August 2017 CSC-PPT (Professional and Subprofessional) exams will be on September 16, 2017 or in forty seven (41) days after the last day of eligibility examinations . However, results may be released earlier or later without prior notice.

On the same exam conducted by CSC on March 2017 and April 2016, results were out after a month. Examination rating can be generated in approximately 15 days after the list of passers is posted using the Online Civil Service Exam Result Generation System (OCSERGS). Those who pass the exams should verify with the CSC Regional Office the availability of Certification of Eligibility (CoE). Representatives are not allowed to claim the CoE. Claiming of certification will be available approximately 30 days after posting of results.


On CSC exams conducted March 2017, 25,090 out of 219,679 examinees passed or an overall passing rate of 11.42%. 21,640 out of 188,528 examinees passed the Professional level while 3,450 out of 31,169 examinees passed in the Subprofessional. Michael Louie D. Lim from Northern Mindanao ranked first in Professional level garnering 92.45% rating followed by Arvin Lawrence N. Quiñones from National Capital Region (NCR) having 91.17%. In subprofessional, Faye S. Cruz from NCR ranked first having 89.12% followed by Roi Solomon B. Labay also from NCR garnering 88.87%.

During October 2016 CSE-PPT, 203,339 examinees took the exams for Professional and Subprofessional levels. 19, 870 or 11.33% of the total examinees passed in the Professional Level while  22,978 passers or 11.09% passed in the Subprofessional Level. Clinton John Miglana from CARAGA region topped the exams in Professional test having 91.17% rating followed by Joelle Sophia Peña from National Capital Region with a rating of 90.62%. Meanwhile, in Subprofessional level, Dianne Franz Abal from Western Visayas got the highest rating having 86.99% followed by Hazel Pereira from NCR garnering 86.97% rating.

On April 2016 of the same exams, 5,276 out of 229,463 examinees successfully passed. 22, 041 passers were conferred with civil service Professional eligibility, while 3,235 passers received the Subprofessional eligibility. Hannah Ivyn Hazel Damian from NCR topped the Professional eligibility exams garnering 92.36% rating. She was followed by Emil Alfred Edgar Mendoza also from NCR and Marc Gelian Ante from Bicol Region having 91.81%. In Subprofessional level, Jerome De Chavez from NCR ranked first having 88.28% followed by Seth Kenan Turian from Bicol Region garnering 87.59% rating.

Here is the summary of CSE-PPT results in the last four (4) exams.

Civil Service Exam Date No. of Examinees Passers Passing Rate
March 2017 CSE-PPT 219,679 25,090 11.42%
October 2016 CSE-PPT 203,339 22,978 11.30%
April 2016 CSE-PPT 229,463 25,276 11.0%
October 2015 CSE-PPT 119,333 13,152 11.02%


The August 2017 CSC-PPT both for Professional and Subprofessional levels covered the following topics.

Professional Level (Prof)
  • In English and Filipino (Vocabulary, Grammar and Correct Usage, Paragraph Organization, Reading Comprehension, Analogy, Logic and Numerical Reasoning)
  • General Information (Philippine Constitution, Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees RA No. 6713, Peace and Human Rights Issues and Concepts, Environment  Manaagement and Protection)
SubProfessional Level (SubProf)
  • In English and Filipino (Vocabulary, Grammar and Correct Usage, Paragraph Organization, Reading Comprehension, Spelling, Clerical Operations and Numerical Reasoning)
  • General Information (Philippine Constitution, Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees RA No. 6713, Peace and Human Rights Issues and Concepts, Environment  Manaagement and Protection)
The CSC-PPT for Professional level covered 170 test items in 3 hours and 10 minutes while in Subprofessional test, 165 test items in 2 hours and 40 minutes.

To pass the eligibility exams, CSC said that an examinee must obtain an average rating of at least 80.00%.


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