National Police Clearance System in the Philippines – Approved for Implementation

MANILA, Philippines – National Police Commission (NAPOLCOM) through Vice Chairman and Executive Officer Atty. Rogelio T. Casurao authorized the implementation of the National Police Clearance System. This was after the commission en banc issued resolution No. 2016-393 dated June 17, 2016 which approves the execution of the centralized system for criminal record checking.

To simplify, the shift from local police clearance system to national clearance system will work like that of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Clearance.

Vice Chairman Casurao said that this system will be highly computerized, centralized and updated in which both the private and government sectors shall be encouraged to require police clearance for purposes like job application, promotion, retirement, on-the-job training, marriage, adoption, visa application, alien registration, financial services, among others.

The concept was made anchored with the study of PNP that the present police clearance is more inclined in revenue generation since the fees collected are used by the Local Government Units (LGUs) rather than strengthening the safety and security of the public.

As quoted,

The shift from locally-based to a national system would significantly improve the process for criminal record checks across jurisdictions wherein an applicant’s criminal history and biometrics are verified from databases. The system would also assist investigators in case build-up and consequently increase crime solution efficiency 

The implementation of the national police clearance system affirms the PNP’s responsiveness and timeliness to be abreast with the current socio-economic developments as well as the fast-changing technology that impact the police organization

Meanwhile, NAPOLCOM didn’t disclose the target date of implementation. However, we will also inform the public as to the requirements, process and other related matters in securing the national-based police clearance certificate.

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