Room Assignments for April 2023 Electronics Engineering ECE-ECT Board Exams

PRC releases the April 2023 Electronics Engineering Licensure Exam (ECE-LE) room assignments a few weeks before the exams.

The Electronics Engineering board exams will be conducted on April 19-20, 2023, at PRC testing centers located at NCR, Baguio, Cagayan de Oro, Calapan, Cebu, Davao, Iloilo, Koronadal, Legazpi, Lucena, Pagadian, Pampanga, Rosales, Tacloban, Tuguegarao, Zamboanga, and Palawan.

The Board of Electronics Engineering is headed by its Chairman, Engr. Alnar L. Detalla and its members, Engr. Enrico Claro R. Delmoro and Engr. Herminio J. Orbe.

Room Assignments for April 2023 ECE-ECT Board Exams

Electronics Technician (ECT)

Electronics Engineering (ECE)

Examinees shall report before 6:00 on the said date because latecomers will not be admitted.

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What to bring on the day of exams?

Here are the things to bring during the examination proper:

  1. Notice of Admission
  2. Official Receipt
  3. Two (2) or more pencils (NO. 2)
  4. Ball pens (black ink only)
  5. One (1) piece long brown envelope
  6. One (1) piece long transparent/plastic envelope (for keeping your valuables and other allowed items)
  7. Calculators with the following features only-addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, trigonometric functions, hyperbolic and inverse hyperbolic functions, logarithmic (log/In) and exponential (e) functions, whole number or fractional power y of x denoted by x ʸ, and polar to rectangular to polar conversions.
  8. Health Forms (Pursuant to Memorandum No. 68, series of 2020)
  9. Negative RT-PCR Test Results, if applicable, or Certificate of Quarantine or Certificate or copy of the Complete Vaccination Card for fully vaccinated examinees are to the submitted to the proctor on the examination day.

What to wear on examination day?

Here are the specified dress codes from PRC:

  • For male examinees, a white polo shirt with a collar (without any seal, logo, or mark); decent pants or slacks
  • For female examinees, a white blouse or shirt with a collar (without any seal, logo, or mark); decent pants or slacks

Allowed and not allowed

  • Books, notes, review materials, and other printed materials containing coded information or formulas are not allowed.
  • CASIO FX991ES and CASIO FX-991ES plus are not allowed pursuant to Memorandum Circular No. 2018-01
  • Apple, Samsung, and other smart watches, cellular phones, ear plugs, transmitters, portable computers, Bluetooth, and other electronic devices which may be used for communication purposes are prohibited.
  • Bags of any kind are not allowed.

Board exams during the COVID-19 pandemic

The following precautionary health and safety guidelines shall be observed at all times during the conduct of the PRC licensure exams:

  • Wearing of face mask and face shield. Examinees are also required to bring alcohol-based sanitizers.
  • Examination personnel shall be provided with a face mask, face shield, and latex gloves.
  • Observe physical distancing by maintaining a 1-meter distance from one another.
  • Body temperature will be checked using a thermal scanner prior to entry at the examination premises. Those with fevers, colds, or coughs are not allowed to take the exams. Their payment will not be forfeited and can be used in the next licensure exam.
  • Examinees are advised to bring their food as they will not be allowed to exit the examination room during break time and lunch time.
  • Examinees shall sanitize before entering the examination room, after using the rest room, and before the distribution of test questionnaires.

PRC added that they would not be responsible for any lost personal belongings.

2023 Electronics Engineering Licensure Exam Schedule

Shown below is the schedule of the 2023 ECE licensure exams:

Date of ExamStart of ApplicationDeadline of Application
April 19 & 20January 19, 2023March 20, 2023
October 22 & 23July 21, 2023September 25, 2023


  • Program for ECE-ECT board exams for April 2023 from PRC


For those who want to clarify something, PRC advised to email them through the Licensure Exam Division at the below contacts:

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      same case with my group po. taga-province pa na sa ncr magti-take. wala pa po kaming bahay na maiistayan dahil hindi pa namin alam kung saan na po ba ang location at hindi rin namin alam ang palibot-libot doon.

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    Sa girls po, ask ko lang na di ba allowed ang decent skirt sa iba ang religion? Kasi pants lang at slacks nakalagay

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      kaya sa tingin ko po, pwede naman

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    1 day nalang before the exam, yet wala pa rin Cebu room assignment? What’s causing the delay. Release it asap, so students can prepare.

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    CEBU ROOM ASSIGNMENTS PLEASE. Bukas na po yung exam, bat wala pa???

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