Salary Increase for Philippine Nurses: A Unity Walk

MANILA, Philippines – “Nurses Unity Walk”, though the leadership of Dr. Carl E. Balita has been successfully concluded on July 6, 2016 at Department of Health (DOH) Compound, Manila. The walk has been participated by Nursing enthusiasts from different parts of the country. It was initially announced online for at least 1,000 nurses but was only participated by a few.

The call is anchored with re-filing of the recently vetoed Comprehensive Nursing Law (CNL) which sets the increase for salary of nurses.

DOH Secretary Paulin Ubial assured of continuous support with the health professionals sector, as quoted,

There will be a continuing dialogue, continuing consultation with your sector as well as other health professional sectors. Rest assured that the health secretary as well as our president, is very open, very participatory. We need your support as well as your inputs to provide better health care in this country. That’s what I commit to all of you!

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In a related post, he said that almost majority of the sectors (police, teachers) are pushing for increase in salary. He challenged all nurses on their next step. As quoted,

Warning Nurses! There are many sectors all pushing for salary increase. Teachers for additional P10,000, police and soldiers for double of the current salary, government employees and more. Marapat at matuwid, pero ubusan ng pondo ito. Unahan sa kaban! Pag mabagal ang mga Nurses, baka abutan na naman tayo ng end of term ni President Duterte at ma-kontra na naman ng mga mayayamang organisasyon tulad ng PHA (na associate member ang isang malaki at influential Nursing Organization)! Ano ang dapat natin gawin? Sino ang kikilos (instead na mag meeting meeting at walang katapusang meeting at deliberation) at mabilis na kikilos?

If our national organization won’t lead and move (or at least take more assertive stance to stand for the nurses), it is inevitable that a new nursing organization will be born! Nurses, ano dapat nating gawin? Ano ang susunod na kabanata?

Meanwhile, Balita said that the CNL has already been re-filed by Senator Trillanes on June 30, 2016.

Photo posted at this article is courtesy of Carl E. Balita Facebook page.

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