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Below is the LET Reviewer for Professional Education Prof. Ed.: Curriculum Development Part 1.

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1. Which is NOT a provision for the development of each learner in a good curriculum?
a. Extensive arrangements are made for the educational diagnosis of individual learners.
b. Self-directed, independent study is encouraged wherever possible and advisable.
c. Self-motivation and self-evaluation are stimulated and emphasized throughout the learning opportunities of the school.
d. The program provides a wide range of opportunities for individuals with same abilities, needs and interests.

2. Teacher Lily would like to take part in developing a subject-centered curriculum because she believes that all subjects in this type of curriculum are geared towards the hollistic development of the learner. Is her belief about the subject-centered curriculum true?
a. Yes, because the subject-centered curriculum focuses on the learners needs, interests and abilities.
b. No, because it is the experience-centered curriculum that emphasizes the teaching of facts and knowledge for future use.
c. Yes, because the subject-centered curriculum involves cooperative control.
d. No, because it is the experience centered and not the subject-centered curriculum that emphasizes integration of habits and skills in learning the knowledge component of subject areas.

3. In the elementary level, English literature and Social studies relate well. While history is being studied, different literary pieces during the historical period is being studied as well. What curriculum design is shown here?
a. Separate subject design
b. Correlation design
c. Discipline design
d. Broad field design

4. This phase of curriculum development involves decisions, among other things, on grade placement and sequencing of content. Which phase is this?
a. Curriculum planning
b. Curriculum evaluation
c. Curriculum organization
d. Curriculum implementation

5. One example of this design of subject-centered curriculum is that which shows social studies being combined with geography, civics, culture and history to comprises subject area. Which design is this?
a. Correlated
b. Broadfields
c. Separate Subject
d. Core

6. Ms. Ortiz, as Science teacher tries to enrich the content of her lesson by identifying related concepts in Math. What pattern of organizing subjects did Ms. Ortiz consider?
a. Broadfield
b. Correlated
c. Core
d. Separate Subject

7. Which design is easy to deliver because complementary books and materials are commercially available?
a. Experience centered design
b. Problem design
c. Process design
d. Subject centered design

8. What refers to the matching between curriculum and test to be used to assess the learners?
a. Alignment
b. Auditing
c. Articulation
d. Delivery

9. Ms. Mateo, a History teacher considers the element of time in arranging content of her lessons in World History. What way of establishing sequence is given emphasis by Ms. Mateo?
a. Simple to complex
b. Part to whole
c. Concrete to abstract
d. Chronological

10. Mr. Rivera, a new teacher believes that education is a process of development and is life itself; therefore, experience related to the child’s need and interest should be given primary consideration. What educational philosophy is being exhibited by Mr. Rivera?
a. Idealism
b. Reconstructionism
c. Progressivism
d. Realism

11. A stakeholder in curriculum development, Mr. Cruz, a district supervisor and a member of the school board has one of the following primary roles.
a. Support and participate in parent-school organization activities.
b. Authorize school expenditures for curriculum development, implementation and evaluation
c. Enact legislation to effect curriculum improvement.
d. Recommend changes in curriculum.

12. The schools in the first District plan to adopt the reading program used in the third district. What level of curriculum improvement is used?
a. Variation
b. Value orientation
c. Substitution
d. Restructuring

13. Mr. Bernardo, a curriculum consultant on Economics insists that in selecting the curriculum content, it is better that throughout the high school years, economic geography concepts be used to recur and be repeated with depth for effective learning. What criterion in content selection is shown here?
a. Validity
b. Continuity
c. Significance
d. Learnability

14. The Filipino learners envisioned by the Department of Education (DepEd) in the light of K-12 Curriculum is
a. Technologically literate or logistically developed Filipino
b. Functionally literate or logistically developed Filipino
c. Scientifically Advanced and Values Oriented Filipino
d. National Oriented and Internationally Competitive Filipinos

15. Teacher Dominguito believes that a new respect for the child is fundamental in curriculum. Thus, all activities in the classroom are geared towards the development of the child – the center of the educative process. To which approach in curriculum does Teacher Dominguito adhere?
a. Learner-centered
b. Subject-centered
c. Problem-centered
d. Pragmatic

16. Mrs. Manuel, the Principal of Bagong Barrio Elementary School invited the Brgy. Captain in the school to solicit inputs for a new curriculum in Social Science which highlights indigenous knowledge in the community. What is shown in this situation?
a. Community members as supporters of curriculum
b. Community members as curriculum resources
c. Community members as managers of curriculum
d. Community members as beneficiaries of curriculum

17. Teacher Bert puts emphasis on the immediate felt interests and needs of his students and not on the anticipated needs and interests. What type of curriculum does teacher Bert adheres?
a. Subject-centered
b. Learner-centered
c. Experience-centered
d. Culture-based

18. What type of curriculum divides the school day into different periods such as language arts, social studies, science and health, arithmetic, etc.?
a. Correlated
b. Broad fields
c. Integrated
d. Separate Subject

19. Which curriculum design element is taking place when Eduardo, a 4th year student can connect the lessons he learned in a subject area to a related content in another subject area?
a. Articulation
b. Balance
c. Continuity
d. Integration

20. The following curricular changes took place in what particular period? Restore Grade VII, double-single session was abolished and more textbooks were written by Filipino authors.
a. American Period
b. Philippine Republic
c. Japanese Occupation
d. New Society

21. This concept includes the sub-processes of curriculum planning, organization, implementation and evaluation. Which concept is this?
a. Curriculum development
b. Curriculum assessment
c. Curriculum management
d. Curriculum and instruction

22. If curriculum is the “means”, what is the “end”?
a. Strategies
b. Instruction
c. Technique
d. Approaches

23. The curriculum used during the period in Philippine history terminated the use of English as a medium of instruction, What period is this?
a. American
b. Spanish
c. Commonwealth
d. Japanese

24. Which of the following statements about the concept of curriculum is NOT quite acceptable?
a. It refers to all experiences that both the school and the teacher provide the students with.
b. It is the set of acquired knowledge, habits and skills
c. It consists of everything that goes within the school.
d. It is a planned action for instruction

25. What process is being undertaken by curriculum developers when they enrich or modify certain aspects of a particular program without changing its fundamental conceptions?
a. Curriculum improvement
b. Curriculum change
c. Curriculum design
d. Curriculum implementation

Answers: 1D 2D 3C 4C 5B 6B 7D 8A 9D 10C 11D 12C 13B 14B 15A 16B 17C 18D 19D 20B 21A 22B 23D 24C 25A


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  • Unknown May 7, 2017 @ 7:51

    #3. C po ba talaga ang sagot? Di po ba B. Correlation design?

    • Unknown May 24, 2017 @ 20:27

      sa tingin ko tama po ang C. you have to disregard the first sentence, parang pang lito lang yan.. ang tinanong talaga jan ay yong 2nd sentence which is tama at bagay sa C…hhehehe.. opinion kulang yan…

    • Anonymous Sep 7, 2017 @ 3:23

      tama ang B.

    • Mj Aug 6, 2022 @ 14:11

      B ata correlation , may connection din Kasi ung history with respective literary pieces during those period. Even dinesregard ung first statement sa question, the second one just gave a clearer example nang first statement. Opinion ko lang din.

  • jjamilla88 Jul 30, 2017 @ 11:46

    Idea ko lang parang mas ok yung correlation design s #.3 kumpara sa C.

    • Anonymous Dec 4, 2017 @ 6:51

      correct .ang layo ng c for #3

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    letter c s no.3

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    the real answer is b for #3.report ko kc yan

  • Unknown Feb 6, 2018 @ 6:12

    So aside from #3 correct na lahat?

  • Anonymous Apr 24, 2018 @ 9:12

    Im a bit confused in Q no. 24. For me letter B is more appropriate because the word used was "acquired".

  • Unknown Jun 6, 2019 @ 0:54

    in no. 4 isn't it A? curriculum planning

    • Tip Aug 13, 2022 @ 19:43

      Organization Po from the word sequence..

  • ROI Jul 6, 2019 @ 6:01

    Sa 13 po talaga Continuity? Ang Continuity po ay wala sa sa criteria of selection of content. Nasa Curriculum Design Qualities po ang continuity.

  • Unknown Oct 29, 2019 @ 11:39

    do have explanation about the answer?

  • Anonymous Feb 4, 2020 @ 6:24

    B po ang answer ng no. 3. Nasa book po ang statment na yan

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    yung sa number 3 po i think the right answer is Correlation because it was stated in our references/books

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