GUIDE: PRC Online Application for Board Examination 2019 (Updated)

The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) has now utilized and fully implementing the use of LERIS or the Licensure Examination and Registration Information System for its basic services from examination application, initial registration and renewal of PRC ID.

In this article, the easy guide for PRC Online Application 2019 board examinations are discussed. This includes the step by step procedures in the Online application for board exams of all PRC-regulated professions.

Go to PRC LERIS or the online portal and follow below instructions.

The step-by-step process for online registration board exams is courtesy of PRC. Please be guided accordingly.

Online Initial Registration for Board Passers: How to Register?
Online Renewal of License: How to Renew?


REGISTER TAB. It’s important to read the terms of service before proceeding and click the “I Agree” button.

Make sure that before doing so, basic requirements like valid email address with password, mobile number, personal data including the date of graduation, ID photo in .jpg format saved in the local device as well as the valid ID card are in place.

SIGN IN TAB. If the applicant already have an account, he/she may proceed to second tab, “Sign In” to proceed.


The registration is straight forward. An applicant just have to input the required fields including the First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Suffix, Gender, Civil Status, Date of Birth, email address, password and the verification of password.

The password consists of six characters having letters, numbers and special characters. After correctly filling out the PRC online registration form. Click the “Register” button.


There’s nothing hard with signing in. Just make sure you remember your username (email address) and password and you’re good to go. Remember your account details as you may also use this for initial registration and renewal of license.


This is just a continuation of the Registration of Account. This is where the applicant completes his/her registration by providing the personal details, contact information, family background, educational information, employment information, among others.

Specifically, for the basic personal details, the applicant must input the citizenship and birth place.

In the contact information section, provide the permanent mailing address, town/city or province, contact number and alternate e-mail address.

The name of the parents, father and mother as well as their citizenship are required in the family background section.

In the Education section, choose the school attended, it’s address, the degree related to the examination applying for as well as the date of graduation.

If the applicant is employed, provide the details in the employment section.

Other information asking if the applicant has disability as well as the options for notification are available at the last section.

Save it by clicking the “Save Information” button below the form.


The next step is to upload the photo. Simply click the thumbnail to upload the photo but to ensure of
no hassle, follow these guidelines for the photo.

  • The photo must be 2×2 inches in size with plain white background.
  • The photo must be updated, taken in less than six months prior to the target date of exams.
  • The applicant must wear a decent attire, with collar.
  • Unacceptable photos are those photos wearing eyeglasses, the background is not plain white, the photo has shadows and the ears are covered.

Choose the file in the local device and upload.


After uploading the photo, the next step is to pick the transaction. Go for the “Examination” tab, select the name of examination, the type of exams, date of exams and the venue. Then, proceed.


After selecting the transaction, set the appointment and payment option. Select from the option the desired appointment venue, either at Central offices or at Regional office of your choice.

Should the applicant wishes to re-schedule the appointment, he/she can do so by clicking the “Reschedule” button. There, he/she can select a new examination date backed with a valid reason.

After selection of appointment, proceed for payment.


After setting an appointment is to select the payment option, either by Landbank or PRC-Cashier.

Starting December 27, 2018, PRC announced that they are also accepting payments via UCPB (over-the-counter). The validation of payments is within 2-3 banking days.

If the applicant chooses the Cashier option, then the payment will be made at the appointment place and time.

Otherwise, if the applicant chooses the Land Bank e-payment portal, he may be asked to choose from the option to pay via Bancnet or Gcash.

He/she then provide the Landbank account details including the account number and Joint Account Indicator and confirm the payment.

A fee of 910.00 pesos for paying through Land Bank e-payment.

Have a copy of the payment confirmation and go back to profile to print the application form.


After payment, click on the Existing Transaction tab to check the status of payment as well as print the Application form.

Head to the application venue on the date and time of appointment and don’t forget to bring the printed application form as well as the additional requirements below.


Shown below is the table of qualification and documentary requirements to accompany an application to take a licensure examination.


All the procedures and images posted in this article are courtesy of the Professional Regulation Commission. The sole purpose of the post is to disseminate information so examination takers will know the step by step guide in applying for board examination online.


To receive timely news and announcements about board examination results and other related news about licensure examinations. You may reach us at our social media pages via  Facebook and Twitter.

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    i tried to apply online but hongkong and manila only is the only option for the exam place… what about other regions?

  • Anonymous Jul 19, 2016 @ 6:51

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    Thank you very much for seeing good information.

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